Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Pictures

A few weeks late but here is our Christmas session. Shuffield Photography took them... which also happens to be my place of work! Tisha & Jim (my bosses), are seriously talented, and wonderful people to work for. We shoot weddings, engagements, families, & seniors. And you can get all sorts of fun & fancy products with your photos on them. Click the link above to check out more of their work, or you can find them on Pinterest.

I insisted that the girls needed to be in our photos & that we needed a proper family picture :) They were surprising well behaved (as well as Tim for that matter). Below are just a few of my favorites. There are still about 100 more than I'm in love with.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Feeling Blue

It's finally starting to feel a little more blue around the Walker house. And we are loving it! This weekend my mom & brother-in-law Andrew helped me paint our living room & laundry room. So the gold is gone & now Sherwin Williams' Rain Washed is here. The sample looks a lot more green than I think it actually looks in our living room. And the laundry room reads more blue than that.

Before :

After :
 (surprise, surprise the girls insisted on being in the photo)

It feels so much lighter & brighter, which I love. And is feeling more like us. But I do think the living room is feeling awfully empty without the Christmas tree! Next up should be the trim & wall in the kitchen/dining room/entry. But I'm really hoping to hire someone for that... at least the trim. It's such a huge space, not looking forward to all that work!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby, Tim! He's turning the big 2-7 today. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, his reply was "for my birthday, I want you to not spend money". How not fun is that? But it makes birthday shopping very easy, especially in a town where your only options are Walmart, Bealles, or not to procrastinate & online order. And unfortunately the Walkers put the Pro in procrastinate. So per Tim's request we'll be having an at home date. Can't say I make my birthday that easy on him. (It's month-o-birthday starting in March).

Tim- Time sure flies and I look forward to all of our future adventures together! Love you & Happy Birthday!