Thursday, December 15, 2011

House Tour - Before

This is our favorite room in the house. Love all the counter space and my beloved dishwasher! When we looked at our first house, I didn't even look for a dishwasher. I just assumed it would have one. In Brady, you've got to look.  Poor Tim hardly had any meals cooked for him in the last house. There will be some painting in the kitchen's future and little things.

This starts the part of the "find the dogs" tour. They kept trying to make their  way into most of the photos. 

Laundry Room
You may notice it's missing the most important appliance... more on that in a moment. This leads out to either the backyard or to the garage. 

Living Room
This will be the first room we paint. Can't say that I'm a yellow/gold girl. Trying to hold off till after the holidays... but I'm sort of an impulsive painter. When I'm ready for the new color to happen, I'm already on my way to Ace.

Perhaps you noticed the fact that there is two tv's in here currently? The second one appeared after Tim was in San Angelo to buy a new washer and dryer. He gave away our current ones, headed to San Angelo, and returned with a huge tv and no washer & dryer. So now we need a washer, dryer, and a much larger piece of furniture for this ridiculous tv.


Dining Room
Not in love with the current mantlescape going on... In need of a large mirror or something. But we do love the fireplace!

Hall Bathroom
Love this retro bathroom. In has a turquoise tub & sink. While white would be the first choice, I think it's really fun. I really love the colorful mosaic floor. And it all just so happens to be in my favorite shade. Love the wall color the previous owners chose too.

I've got big plans for this room... just gotta get Tim behind them :)

Our master bath is nothing special. There is a teeny shower behind the door. Not in love with a tan-peach tile, but at least it's pretty neutral.

Extra bedroom/future craft room
This is currently the "I don't know where to put it, stick it in the blue room".

Guest Room
Love the wall color, I think it's the same as the bathroom. Would love to add more pillows and what not the to bed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sneak Peek

Here's a little sneak peak of the new house!

We are so excited & will have more pictures to share. And a picture that doesn't cut off half of it.

We just moved in on Wednesday and LOVE it! We are so in love with our much larger kitchen (and dishwasher!) My mom came in on Friday, she helped us get unpacked and organized. She was a huge help. The bulk of it is done and even few things on the walls!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Revamp

I decided to give the ol'blog a little facelift. Since I haven't posted in a year (opps) and I decided to delete old posts and just start fresh.

Well, Tim and I somewhat accidentally sold our house. Yes, I realize that we even had a "buy my house blog", so how much of an accident could that be? We had settled on keeping the house for another year and a half (so we didn't lose our tax credit) and then build upon moving out. Well in true Tim fashion, he offered to someone that they could buy our house, (which he does quite often as a joke) and this time someone bite. And even after we said, no we're not going to sell, they kept begging. So we frantically started looking for a house. But in our good old small town, there is hardly a selection (we only had a handful of homes to look at). Everything has been built in either the 40's or 70's with few exceptions. And nothing is every updated. Some of these houses are so 70's the stuff inside is almost trendy again. I was finding that house hunting was more depressing than exciting. We finally found one that we really like. And shockingly, it's pretty updated! Sooo that is where this blog is going to start going towards: documenting our new digs and attempts of diy. And perhaps a few crafts and small town adventures along the way. More to come on the new house once we close & things are more official :)

So long House! Better start packing... yuck