Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Revamp

I decided to give the ol'blog a little facelift. Since I haven't posted in a year (opps) and I decided to delete old posts and just start fresh.

Well, Tim and I somewhat accidentally sold our house. Yes, I realize that we even had a "buy my house blog", so how much of an accident could that be? We had settled on keeping the house for another year and a half (so we didn't lose our tax credit) and then build upon moving out. Well in true Tim fashion, he offered to someone that they could buy our house, (which he does quite often as a joke) and this time someone bite. And even after we said, no we're not going to sell, they kept begging. So we frantically started looking for a house. But in our good old small town, there is hardly a selection (we only had a handful of homes to look at). Everything has been built in either the 40's or 70's with few exceptions. And nothing is every updated. Some of these houses are so 70's the stuff inside is almost trendy again. I was finding that house hunting was more depressing than exciting. We finally found one that we really like. And shockingly, it's pretty updated! Sooo that is where this blog is going to start going towards: documenting our new digs and attempts of diy. And perhaps a few crafts and small town adventures along the way. More to come on the new house once we close & things are more official :)

So long House! Better start packing... yuck